Dr G K Gyan
Simple Homeopathic Physician from India

What is cure?
Cure is the restoration of the daviated state of health.

What is deviated in health?
The equilibrium of the spiritual dynamis, is daviated.

Why it has been daviated?
Due to deviation from the nature.

How it can be restored?
By applying the nature's law of cure.

When it will be restored?
When a similar and stronger potency will be applied.

Ideal Cure is Rapid...
Ideal Cure is Gentle
Ideal Cure is Permanent.

Dr G K Gyan

Dr Gyanedra Kumar Gyan, a leading homeopathic physician from India, treating most of the complex patients and restoring the sick to health. Dr G K Gyan has been the Homeopathy's experienced doctor and student ever since the 1990s. Dr Gyan not only has studied Homeopathy for more than twenty five years, but also exposed to rich clinical experience under guidance of renowned Homeopaths.