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Hi Friends! Let me introduce myself…

My name is Dr. Gyanendra Kumar Gyan and I am a Classical Homoeopathy Physician, belonging from Bihar of India, currently posted in Sahibganj district of Jharkhand, as a Medical Officer in “Rashriya Bal Swasthya Karykram” conducted by central and state governments.

Sometimes I think, “I didn’t choose Homoeopathy, Homoeopathy has chosen me”.

As history reveals, my first encounter with Homoeopathy happened in 1990. A very less known Homoeopath treated my sufferings in a way, which seemed as a miracle!!!

I started visiting that friendly doctor regularly and continued study with discussion developed my interest more and more..

For about 20 years, Homoeopathy remained with me as a serious hobby. During that period, I came in contact with many Homoeopaths and purchased and read plenty of books.

I got the opportunity to study thousands of live cases which made a firm confidence upon Homoeopathy, the system, which is known as “nature’s way of cure”…

In 2010, I took admission in regular B.H.M.S. course. By the grace of the Almighty, I completed it without any obstruction.

I started my clinic at my residence at Forbesganj, a subdivision in Araria district of Bihar. My clinic ran well but due to comfort of home, I became a bit lazy.

To grow myself to be able to serve my soil, I decided to migrate. Fortunately I got a job in public sector and shifted to my current address.

My further goals are too big and I have clear plans to achieve them. My final goal is to make Homoeopathy the first choice of mass people. I will need strong network with dedicated leadership. For this I have simplified the methods without compromising with any principal, as laws of nature never change.

“Study to teach and teach to study” is my motto and for this purpose, I am going to start a new website connected with all social channels.

Very soon you will get new annoncements. Enjoy the period and remain updated.

Thank you…