Who Am I ?

Who am I ?

The most complicated question of the world. Who am I ?

Does this question worth considering?

Yes! Answer of this question can offer us answers of many questions. Even one of the most important questions, "why we become sick" can also be answered by finding the answer of this question, "who am I", because, when someone becomes sick, he says, "I am sick". He doesn't say, "my body is sick".

So, let's continue...

Till date, whatever I know, is told by others and i m in suspicion.


Am I an organism? At least I can believe, "I am a living organism.

What does it means?

It means, "an organization is running live with me".

What the role I play in this organization?
Ufff !!!
Questions after questions, which requires exercise of the mind and mass people are mentally lazy.
Before going forward, please decide, this post is only for "class people", not for them, who are physically active only.
If you don't like mental exertion, stop, close this page, and go waste your time in those topics, where you can't affect the result as expected.
Yes, you can affect the results, but a little mental exercise is required.

So, we were talking about an organization!

Yes, every thing in this universe is organized in a systematic way. In Sanskrit, it is told, "yatpinde tatbrahmande" (यतपिण्डे तत्ब्रह्माण्डे). "What is in an unit, that is in the universe". And we also know, existence of an organism is a very organized system.

What is my role in this "organization"?

Am I a driver or rider of this organized vehicle? Or I am just a passenger or pillion? Can I interfere in this system? Will my interference help it or disturb it?

Answers of these questions can be found by deep conscience only, which is uncommon in common people, who only believe in following someone else, that too blindly. Without observing the results, they repeat same mistakes again and again.
So, what my interference has done me? Simple answer, it made me sick. My role was to just enjoy the journey, passively as a passenger, not actively as a driver. I forgot that, "someone else is driving".

"The sense of becoming a doer" (karta-bhav/कर्ता-भाव), which came after the development of extrovert consciousness without the development of introvert consciousness, or underdeveloped consciousness and I forgot that, "I am a viewer" (द्रष्टा) not a doer (कर्ता). "The illusion of being a doer", is the cause of all of the chaos in this world.

No, I am not a doer, I am a viewer, someone else is driving and I am a passenger. Someone else is rider and I am a pillion.

That someone is "The Supreme Dynamis" my guru and I am his disciple.

This doesn't mean that I am lazy and I quit from all of my duties. It is just not forgetting the original doer (मूल-कर्ता) who's will is the cause of everything in this universe. That's why it is called universe, not multiverse.

This remembering starts the process of restoration of the self, but in this extrovert world, it is not possible to remember the original doer always. So we need some sutras to help us.

Are there any sutra available?

Yes by the mercy (daya) of the supreme guru, we have been provided 3 sutras through Sahab Shree Harindrananda, the first disciple of the supreme dynamis in this era..


First Sutra :

For the spontaneous flow of shishya-bhaav (sense of being a disciple) in the spirants of the discipleship of Lord Shiva and for the disciples of Lord Shiva also, it is essential to think heartily and communicate silently to their guru shiva, " O Shiva ! You are my Guru, I am your disciple, bestow daya (mercy) on me".

Second Sutra :

Search a chance to talk to any human being and make him aware of this highest spiritual path of discipleship of Lord Shiva (the concept of Shiva-Shishyata) so that he also may follow it.

Third Sutra :

You are to nourish silent salutation to your Guru Shiva. If desirous, you can perform mental repetition of "Namah Shivay" ( the panchaakshar/five letter mantra) for paying silent salutation (pranaam).

If you are familiar in Hindi, you can read more here at my blog शिव मेरे गुरु .

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