Why Simple?

Simple homeopathy?! Why? Because simplification is the only solution. Solution is nothing but, solution is simplification.

Now a days, there is trend of making things complicated. This trend is followed by them, who don’t understand what is truth?

Truth is always simple, we are complicated. That’s why, we make things complicated.

So! What is simplification?

“Simplification is breaking down of the complication”.

Simplification has four (4) steps:

1. Information (what)

2. Investigation (why)

3. Identification (how)

4. Implementation (when)

First two are parts of observation and last two are parts of experiment.

Every scientist does these two things, observation and experiment. If you want to study any science, you have to do these 2 things in 4 steps.

As a summary, to shoot out a problem, we have to follow these 4 steps: what, why, how, when?

As a homoeopathic practitioner, I ‘ll talk about homoeopathy, in these terms: what, why, how and when.

Thank you for your interest. Please comment your views…